I am the Medallion. I am made of sturdy metal and steel structures and mechanisms and I am as strong as my brand name – Medallion. I can be easily trained to go forward with my galloping motion while your child maintains his/her feet moving up and down on my foot rests. It is beneficial to your child as a rider to exercise while having fun at the same time. My head can make right and left turns as easy as steering a bike’s handle. I am a friendly horse that only walks while your child is in motion with his feet movements and leave you no worries because there’s no battery to be replaced and say goodbye to electronics, so be happy with me. I only need to be with you all day and night long. I don’t like to go down hills and riding at night is unsafe for me and you. Because of my vibrant colors are more “beautiful” than other ride on horses, I can be your child’s great rider pal. Best of all, your child and I can be ridden together on a flat surface and thin carpet areas. If I don’t move forward, then please check all my 4 wheel lock mechanisms to make sure that they are in a downward position. Due to the durable wheels that have been attached on my 4 feet, I cannot ride on grassy areas. However, I would like to see you at least once a day either in the morning or at night because seeing you makes me happy. 



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